Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm Up

But not for long. New Years approacheth, and that means another party. As soon as the room stops spinning, I'm on it.
I got a hangover for Christmas, but I'm told that was my own fault. Munch got me a gift certificate to an adult store (a really nice one) and my girlfriend took it. I'm hoping it'll reappear in the form of a naughty surprise, but I think maybe not.
::sigh:: Munch wants me to go to Atlantic City, even though he knows I hate New Jersey, a bunch of other folks are going to Rocky Sullivan's, and I'm getting hints from another quarter about "a nice romantic dinner" - that's a pizza and some beer at home, right?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Lemme 'lone. Head hurst...hurts bad. MY couch. MINE. Geddaway. Party was good, 'cept fr Munch's mistleto shorts, nobody wanna see that.
Had more t'drink again, stops the headhurts. Took Munch's phone so he can'y drunkycall Doc Rodgers.
Lemme alone, take cara Munchie, he's prolly ded.
Happy holiday - what day izzit? Don't care. Sleep!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Preparations

Or should I say concoctions?
I have Elliot's Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Crock, but he'd better be planning to share that sucker.
I have grappa for Carolyn, vodka for Munch, and a bucket of my holiday rocket-nog for all to sample. Yes I DO plan to light it. It loses its effect if you don't.
Anybody's who up for it can also try what's in the bottle - it's this year's holdiay mix. I call it The Elf-Killer. Before people ask, it IS supposed to be that color, and it IS perfectly safe - for me at least.
Holiday party, here I come.

Oh, and Carolyn, you do have extra tinfoil for Munch for when he thinks he needs to make a hat, right?

Happy Holidays to all of you, too. Hope it goes as well as I plan this to go - and on the bright side, if it's bad, I probably won't remember it. Stay safe and well, everyone.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Spirits

A party this weekend? Oh, man, I haven't done anything to get ready for the holidays. Not that I HAVE to worry, because I'll just shop at the liquor store again. I found a really nifty place; if you don't live in New York, you might try this site . I'm bringing the Casta Gusano tequila worm - the secret to tequila is to drink it really, really fast! - and I think I'll splurge on the vodka sword. What's a party without a sword filled with vodka?

Munch says he thinks I'll be visited by the Ghost of Meals Past, but he knows not what he says. I mean, if I can keep down my lunch after what I just saw on Elliot's site, I can handle anything!

Now to go make my list for the Porn Fairy. I've been a bad boy, and I plan to be worse.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday - barely!

Okay, I am NEVER going into Midtown on a pre-holiday weekend again EVER, unless there's a murder - which, if I have to go, there probably will be.
People with cameras! Everywhere! TOURISTS! This is why I try not to go out during the day! I spent two hours at the Manhattan Mall waiting for the college pal, who was, of course, late. I refused to go around Macy's with the hordes of tourists about, and we headed right downtown.

The less said about the rest of the day, the better - oh, the chocolate tasting was attempted, but my stomach's been iffy. Beer + chocolate = not good. I did something horrible in a hotel lobby, and called it a day.
I think Jaques Torres won, but I'll see about a rematch when I'm up for it. Besides, Beamers was crowded. I hate crowds. Munch is invited? I don't think recriminations from last year would be useful to anyone. That was THEN. Why do you bring up old stuff? No coats were harmed in the coatroom incident.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Holly Jolly Shut UP!

I missed yesterday - Munch TOOK my computer so he could snipe ebay auctions more efficiently. I suggested that maybe people didn't want junk from the world's biggest flea-market, and he just glared.

Caro says a get-together is brewing. A holiday party in the works? Oh, I am IN. A party is just what I need. As long as Elliot doesn't get all out of control like he did last year, things should be fine.

Speaking of getting together, I have to go play tourist with a chica I went to college with. She's in for a day, and wants to eat chocolate and look at the store windows. I was going to complain, but she mentioned that she was picking up the tab. She also wanted to compare Jaques Torres to Max Brenner - I'll let you know.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Do not ask me where I am spending the holidays this year. I am going to work. I am definitely not going to spend them with Goatboy or Munch - if I can, I'm going to spend it hiding from them. Goatboy installed an instant messaging program on my computer so at any given moment, he can ask me one of his patented stupid questions or Munch can send me an insult. Someone ought to tell Munch that if the insultee doesn't get it and and doesn't care, it's not working. Or better yet that he should stop calling me whatever it is or I'll shove his head in a commode.

Anyhow, Amey made it! Whoo-hoo for her! Be nice to the tourists, Amey, they mean well even though they are dumb. I should buy you a drink.

And if I weren't mistaken, I could have sworn I saw Axe in there, among Amy and Ann, and Nomi is still writing! These are all good things.

Now if only someone could make that dork Munch quit bragging about his "leet haxxor skillz" and fix my email, all would be well!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm Back

Okay, shake-ups at work, illnesses, problems with Goatboy - and I'm serious, Goatboy was on YouTube, which was very, very odd - and many things, not a single one of them good.

I've been locked out of my email for months, and only Munch has been able to reach me because he set up a default address. Has anyone else emailed? Uh, does gmail shut you down if you don't log in?

If you really want me back, here I am. I'm not workin' weekends, though. Yeah.