Monday, April 23, 2007

Beaten to the Punch

Okay, so where have I been?

1.) At work. I actually do go there, you know. Also, when I fall asleep on the breakroom couch and nobody wakes me up, I have to stay later. Then, when my ex-partner, my current partner, and my annoying friend IM me to ask if I'm getting my work done - I can't get my work done!

2.) Out. I have a social life which I keep far, far away from work. This is a good thing, trust me. After the first and last time - and tempers are still cooling between me and Eames - no dating other detectives. Bad, bad, bad idea.

3.) Home. I may have subscribed to a trial version of the deluxe cable package and gotten a month free with not one but two video rental services. I've been glued to the set pretty firmly. Don't beleive me? I have very strong opinions on Nanny McPhee and The Perfect Man. No straight man watches those unless it's 5 am and they're FREE.

and finally:

4.) A combo of all. That jerk Munch called me "an illiterate ape" so after I took a swing at him, he bet me 50 bucks I couldn't read Das Kaptial. Have you ever tried to read Karl Marx? I had to buy a lot of beer to slog through that. So I was in, reading, then out, buying beer, and at work, keeping him updated.
I won the 50 bucks, and then found out he'd posted my name on an online list of known communists.
Remind me why I talk to him?