Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Night

Well, that was eventful. A bad cold followed by nearly 72 hours of sleeping. So why do I still feel tired? It's too cold, then it's too hot, and I have nothing to read. My head hurts when I try to watch TV, and even if I felt like going out, I'm not sure I could make it.
Ick. But I feel better.
So, I'm gonna watch Cold Case and Conviction, which I actually kinda like. I got to hear one of the actors, Anson Mount, do a reading the other day. He was good, actually. Very nice guy. The show - people should give it a chance. It needs to hit its stride, and then it'll be great, I think.
However, I was too busy being annoyed that the place I saw him at could run you $20 for a burger after tax and tags and all. That, my friends, on a cop's salary, is not what I like, even if it was a fine burger. Lucky there was a halal falafel guy with a cart nearby, so I was able to supplement that meal.
There you go. Reason number 29 to love New York - eating from carts.
And NO, that is not why I am sick...I think.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Death by Degrees

When am I going to learn to listen to these nagging feelings of doom? Something really bad always follows hard on the heels of this pit-of-the-stomach depression I get, and this time is no excuse.
I thought maybe it was the mild cold, but that's not it. I was hoping it would be, but no such luck. I need to go home and sulk.
I'm in such a funk I don't even think I can eat lunch on Caro's desk. Now, that's a bad sign.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Still Living

I had an awful weekend. I spent it out in the rain, directing traffic. You heard me. Traffic. Even detectives get dragged out to handle protests and such. It rained, and people still frickin' protested.
Kenny Briscoe got attacked by tourists who watched too many cop shows - and Carolyn, well, I'll let her tell you what happened to her.
It was cold and wet and gross. A sure sign of this was a shop near my house that sells vintage coats at $10 a pop. On days like this, the rack gets cleared out at least two times over. In a fit of nostalgia, I went looking for a shop in St. Mark's place, only to find out that it'd closed five years ago. Five YEARS. Great.
I meant to go to the Met. Museum of Art and hang out at the Temple of Dendur, but it was so foul out that I put on some records and went to bed.

So I hope your weekend was better.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hello Again

I am such a liar. Alex and Carolyn have nagged me for days about when I'm updating, and I keep saying, "Later" or "I'm doing it RIGHT NOW" - even Millie and teh Harp have bugged me. I swear.
Look, I will, I will talk about the movies. Really. But I got this book, you see, Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. It's almost a textbook version of the hero's journey, but there's something really good about it. Gaiman tends to come up with such good simple ideas that it makes you wonder why someone else has never written it, or in some cases, why you hadn't done it yourself because it was something you'd always thought of. The thing you think when you read his work is: Yes, of course. That's exactly it, that's how things are.
Now, in this case, in Neverwhere it's the idea of "London Below" - the magical underside of London. You know some places seem to have another life that you can only just see out of the corner of your eyes. London, Paris - the old places, sure. In America, they're scattered, but they're there, and it's the same in other parts of the world as well.
So - have you see that? Where?

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Few More For the Road

Carolyn Barek cheats at pool. Then she still loses, and then she lies. LIES, I tell you. I distincly recall winning.
The drink, however, was quite tasty. If I was a little off-balance, the person who ordered them is to blame. She can mock my imitation all she wants, but she's the one who blew her drink out of her nose laughing.

You do know I will get around to telling you about Pride and Prejudice sooner or later, right? A promise is a promise, after all.

Also, I know exactly what a "visgoth" is. I was just messing with the guy. Plus, anyone notice how testy ME Rodgers is with me? Yeah, well. She doesn't have to be so annoyed. It's not like we didn't all know about her arrangement with Lennie already. I told you so.
And one more note, to my loving partner and to my girlfriend, who have decided to gang up on me. When you buy chips and cheeze curls at the organic market, that means they are health food, not junk food. Also, dark beer is good for you and ice cream is too. People who eat out of vending machines should not throw skittles, that's all I'm saying.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Late Night Fun and Games

Whee HAH.
Sorry I'm posting so late. I JUST got home. We had a good game going until some stupid *girl* started playing footsie with the GM. I swear.
We played the Hogwarts thing again. I got to be Sirius Black back from the dead, and now I'm the gyn coach. I glued Snape into his room, and since you can't apparate inside the castle, he was stuck for hours and I pretended I was the substitute potions master.
Oh, and Stabler was annoying because even as Lupin, a friggin' werewolf - he had to have a big-ass sword. Some people.

Reading the comments over - look, Sara, someone told me Idiot Girls' was a...rude book. They LIED, needless to say. I am glaring at the culprit right now - Alex - and they do not seem sorry. It was ok, I guess. Laurie Notaro's kinda funny. Axe, between you and Jules and a fertile imagination you *would* think I knew everything, but life is a voyage of discovery.

As for the food, hey, like with my books, I like variety - and a guy's gotta eat. What can I say?

I have not forgotten about Pride and Prejudice, or that I promised to tell you all about the glory of V for Vendetta. Not now. Tonight, I sleep!

Oh, and Millie? That comment is so guttered in my mind. You may want to rethink chatting up the Harp, because he plays Flitwick. That's just wrong.

Monday, April 03, 2006

A Filler Note

Ok, ok. I'll answer questions today.
Stabler, the game is Tuesday, as always. We skipped because Munch claimed he needed a break - really, we all know he wussed out after we stomped his plan flat in twenty minutes. The fact that he flipped the table over in anger was my first clue.

The fifty-seven books. Arrrgh.
Ok, here's a partial list:

Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland, A History of the Trial, The Day I Turned Uncool, Will in the World, The War of the Worlds Murder, The Eight of Swords, Alternate Universes, Japanland; A Year in Search of Wa, If You Want to Write, The Word on the Page, 100 Essential Modern Poems, Bradbury Speaks: Too Soon From the Cave, Too Far From the Stars, Deadlier than the Pen,Great Tales from English History, The Hacker Diaries, Identity Crisis, Maps in a Mirror: The Short Fiction of Orson Scott Card, Not in Kansas Anymore: A Curious Tale of How Magic is Transforming America, Passion is a Fashion: the Real Story of The Clash, The Poet and the Murderer: a True Story of Literary Crime and the Art of Forgery, The Power of Ritual, Revenge of the Paste Eaters: Memoirs of a Misfit, Tales of the City, Sex and the City, Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, Belushi: A Biography, Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading, The Bride's Kimono, The Glass Slipper, My Horizontal Life : A Collection of One-Night Stands, Shakespeare by Another Name: A Biography of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, the Man Who Was Shakespeare, In Other Words : a Language Lover's Guide to the Most Intriguing Words Around the World, Don't Get Too Comfortable, The Idiot Girl's Action-Adventure Club, I Am Alive and You Are Dead: A Journey into the Mind of Philip K. Dick, The Skeptic's Dictionary: A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions, Paying the Piper at the Gates of Dawn, Murder, my dear Watson : new tales of Sherlock Holmes, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, Adaptations: From Short Story to Big Screen: 35 Great Stories That Have Inspired Great Films, The Complete Idiot's Guide to American Literature, Anansi Boys and Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs.

I may have missed a few.

As for Caro's desk, she exaggerates greatly. I only ate three subs, one pizza, six, no, eight hotdogs, two falafels, one order of Mongolian Beef, five burgers, one bowl of curried goat, two takeout boxes of Wang's finest, fifteen bags of chips, half an order of super-nachos from Firey Joe's, some cake, two bags of those really great mini-donuts and a few pickles on her desk. Aside from the chili I spilled, it wasn't that much of a mess. What a whiner she is sometimes.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Who's Afraid ot the Big Bad Dork

OH, MY GAWD. I take a few days off, and Stabler AND Carolyn trash-talk me.
Ok, here's a secret. I'm LAZY! Lazy, lazy, lazy and I love it. I DO. Plus I had to write up a whole character history fot Munch's game, and I got a DVR - which means I'm on overdrive TV time, and I got a notice about my *Uh* 57 overdue library books. Yeah. Fifty-seven.
I'm kinda behind. Ok, I WILL write up what I meant to. Swear on Stabler's forehead.